The Journey Begins

As excited as I was (and am) to be starting my own little blog, I’m feeling the stress and pressure I’m sure anyone else would – “Where the heck do I start?!” Well… after painlessly pulling through article after article on how to start your blog, I’m going to take my favorite advice I read, and that’s just to jump right in!

Well, happy Thursday, everyone! Today, my heart is so full. I’m celebrating an official 2-months newlywed to my hubby, John. I get it… get over myself… it’s only been two months… you have a lifetime (quite literally) to go, but to us that’s huge! I get asked all the time, “How’s married life? Different??” Well, married life hasn’t been much different than dating and engagement life before hand, but it’s significantly more special. Everything we do, everything we save for, everything we plan, now has a different meaning, a different intention. There’s an almost even more of an importance and emphasis given to being the best we can be to one another and enhancing our lives to come as a new union.

I’m grateful for everything we have and everything we share. Especially, for moments captured like the one pictured below. This snaps a moment during our ceremony while reading our personally written vows to one another. After John completed his, he leaned in for a very standard, normal, routine and habitual, but HIGHLY WAY TO EARLY IN THE CEREMONY quick kiss, to which I somewhat accidentally violently shoved him away and our friends and family burst into laughter. #almostepicfail

I’m especially grateful for the love and support he’s given me to start and pursue my long adored hobby of writing, never-ending photo taking and documenting it through blogging. My posts may not be for everyone (and that’s totally okay!) but I’m excited to share my life and experiences through the view of my rose colored glasses. Enjoying food, fitness, fashion, moments with girlfriends, events, new challenges, healthy living and more!
The simple things that make life simply awesome.

I hope you continue to follow and (and chime in!) on my little Cheery & Charming journey. Cheers!

xoxo, Brittany



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