Calling All Bourbon Lovers! Cheery & Charming Travelers Guide: Must Sees in Louisville, Kentucky

We did a little recent traveling these past few weeks and I’m SUPER pumped to share all the spots we visited and fun had in the interesting town of Louisville, Kentucky!

I don’t really know what I was expecting, but it’s an interesting town to say the least. One minute you’re in a small town artsy district and the next you’re in the middle of a manufacturing/power plant industrial park. I later learned that the soul of Louisville is highly driven by blue collar manufacturing labor class/industry and their riverfront port activity. Very cool to see well-known brands headquartered here, like Ford, GE, UPS Airlines and more.

BUT – the real reason we opted to visit Louisville was, of course, for the bourbon tastings!

The beginning of our trip was extra special as our first day visiting overlapped with friends of ours that were coincidentally wrapping up their Kentucky trip. So, that of course meant that day one was girls day!

STOP 1: Rabbit Hole Distillery
The brand boasts an amazing story rooted in love when a former clinical psychologist met a Louisville native that set fire to their journey ‘down the rabbit hole’ in crafting the perfect bourbon. While on the tour, we tasted four of their flagship spirits:

  • Cavehill, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 4-Grain
  • Heigold, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey High Rye
  • Dareringer, Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in PX Sherry Casks (THIS one was my favorite!)
  • Boxergrail, Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey

Another cool feature is the founders’ passion and appreciation for art which is displayed throughout the distillery – everything from statues dedicated to former Olympians to patriotic string art to body print canvases, murals and more.

STOP 2: Stitzel Weller Distillery
Unfortunately, this trip was a bit of a mix up and we didn’t get to venture down the tasting avenue, but it was great to wander the property, enjoy some outdoor time and venture to the other side of town. Definitely looking forward to checking this one out once again when we return!

STOP 3: 8UP Louisville
An incredible dinner experience from our very own snow globe! 8UP Louisville coins itself as a rooftop elevated drinkery & kitchen, located in the middle of downtown. With cozy fire places and pits, incredible views, and the tastiest hors d’oeuvres, this was a dazzling spot and vibe not to miss!

STOP 4: Angel’s Envy Distillery
What’s a visit to Kentucky without visiting my absolute FAVORITE bourbon and learning about its history? Rooted in 200 years of bourbon tradition, Angel’s Envy is a rarity of its kind, finishing in Port Barrels & Rum Casks. I was fascinating to see the newly constructed distillery and hear of the generations the brand has passed through to become what it is today.
If you’re looking for a special gift this holiday season, they have a great Guide for Every Type of Whiskey Lover This Season here.

STOP 5: Louisville Slugger Museum
What’s a trip to Louisville without seeing where all the sluggers are made? I didn’t think I would be super into this visit, but it was surprisingly awesome! We got a sneak peek into the bat-making factory itself, learned even more about America’s favorite pastime, and even got a chance to practice holding the bats of famous players before us – namely Cal Ripken Jr. and Babe Ruth to namedrop a few.

STOP 6: The Louisville Zoo
Definitely ranks in the top three from our visit! Celebrating 70 years, the Louisville Zoo currently exhibits more than 1,100 animals on 130 acres of natural settings. Unlike other zoos, they also feature multiple playgrounds, several gift shops, rides and attractions including the Splash Park, Conservation Carousel, Zoo adventure ropes courses, camel rides and the BOMA African Petting Zoo. To be honest, I was just happy to see my three favorites: the elephants, giraffes, and of course – the sloths! 🦥

And … that’s a wrap! Of course there were a few other odds and ends that fill the gaps in between, but I hope this list of must sees helps if you’re looking for a random adventure out to the largest Kentucky city on the Ohio River.

Thanks for reading!


Positive Thoughts + Friday Fall Fashion Vibes

Time to kick back – – it’s FRIDAYYYY !!! 

️Feeling my usual positive self this gorgeous, chilly Fall morning after a walk around Federal Hill Park with my favorite fur babies and thought I’d share where my thoughts wandered this morning . . .

“The point is not to pay back kindness, but to pass it on” – Julia Alvarez

Treat others how you wish to be treated, always be kinder than you feel, and do not judge unless you’ve walked a mile in someone else’s shoes, taking everyone at face value & giving everyone an equal chance. 

I don’t believe in ‘reputations,’ I believe in actions – –  the unique efforts each individual places forth towards another being. No categorizations, no ‘guilty by association,’ just simply taking each person for who and what they are. 

I’m exhausted of those living in glass houses and not cleaning their windows. If you are kind to me, I am kind to you. Appreciate each other for their abilities, differences, beauty & uniqueness. 

Support & be happy for others enjoying their success. Life is an echo – what you send out, comes back; what you sow, you reap; what you see in others, exists in you.  Lead by example. Be the YOU you’d want to know. 

How do you pass on kindness to others? Tell me in the comments!


Cheers, all!

A Little Inspo on Finding Inner Peace During These Turbulent Times . . .

I hope you embrace it all, my beautiful friend: your body, your heart, your mind, your dreams . . .

I hope you learn to stand up for yourself even if your voice shakes. I hope you learn to be proud of your body and your mind even if they have imperfections . . .

Embrace yourself inside and out, imperfections and all.

Let go of the images of who you thought you should be, and start looking at all of the beautiful things that already are.

Because at the end of it all . . . Y O U have to be the first one to embrace yourself and everything that makes you so w o n d e r f u l l y you. 🌎✨⭐️💫💕☺️

Let’s be real when we regroup and say this year has been hard . . . REALLY hard. And, we would be fibbing to ourselves if we said it’s not going to get EVEN harder.

If you’re in the Baltimore City, Maryland area where we’re located, bars, restaurants, and indoor facilities in general are required to *almost* start over from the beginning and are required to reduce their capacity levels and active guests to 25% of their occupancies.

As some of you may, or may not, know . . . myself and my hubby own a local bar & restaurant in the small town of Federal Hill in Baltimore City, MD (yes, – for those of you that know me . . . can you believe I’ve fully evolved to being a CITY girl ?!?!).

It’s been both a challenging and uniting year for the two of us. Through the ups and downs, I think we’ve almost found strength in not only those that are going through similar battles and challenges with us, but also the incredible and supportive community that surround and supports us.

One thing I can never be thankful ENOUGH for . . . are the folks that have continued to tune in, follow, and support me on this crazy journey of ours (and how much I strive to maintain a normal perceived life and posting cadence!).

Know that I appreciate ALL of the love, ALL of the concern, ALL of the support, and am doing my best to continue and maintain a positive life perspective for sharing with you <3.

Fingers crossed that we push through this second round of the challenging road ahead and keep ourselves and our loves ones safe during these turbulent times.

Sending much, MUCH love to all reading –


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If I Had To Pick One Shirt . . .

To live in for the rest of my life, T H I S would be it!

Absolutely love my S U P E R soft DAYDREAMER blue and teal tie dye long sleeve for transitioning into these chilly fall days! Also, these colors and print are right up my alley! BUT – they also have a variety of vibrant color combos and styles for something that’s more your vibe.

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Talk soon!


I Am Changing

I am changing.

But not in a way you would expect.

I am changing how I view myself.

I am changing how I talk to myself.

I am changing what I allow and who I allow into my life.

But most of all . . . I am no longer changing myself for others.

I am creating a revolution in my own self care.

Can can be beautiful and scary all at the same time. How have you changed in the past 8 months? It’s been a roller coaster for most of us. Are you . . .

getting stronger?
more confident?
more knowledgable?
more self-aware?
more worldly
more respectful of others?
more in touch with your soul?
more selfless?

I’d love to glean a little aspirin insight and gain a little positive hope into what others are or have been going on this crazy evolving path to new normal. Drop a comment here!

P.S. gorgeous sunflower field and portrait brought to you by the ever amazing Rachael Serra Photography.

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3 for $54 Yankee Candle Sale!

You heard that right – – it’s Fall candle season!

Beginning now and until October 4th, you can check out this section of Yankee Candle‘s website and select 3 LARGE TUMBLER candles for just $54 with code: 3LGOCT20 (reg $29.50/each).

What’s your favorite scent?

Spiced Pumpkin?

Warm and Cozy?

Crisp Campfire Apples?

My absolute, most-loved scent is the Clean Cotton here. I know . . . BOORRINNGGGG ! BUT – anything that can help make the house smell fresh and clean is clutch in my book!

What will you be stocking up on? Hurry – their best scents go fast!!



P.S. Puppies approve of them too 😉

Well Hello, Quarantine. What to do, What to do, What to do do do?

Can anyone else believe we’ve made it this far into quarantine?! I’m not sure about you, but I definitely wasn’t of the mindset that we’d be in this situation for the long … long … LONG haul.

Well … as a community, we do what we have to do to keep everyone safe, healthy, and well!

REAL TALK: How’s your boredom going? Looking for different and creative activities you can still do to support from a safe, outdoor, social distance that supports our local neighbors!

Read on …

  1. Virtual Live Stream Music Nights
    While we all miss visiting our local watering hole, attending weddings and the like to see our friends, enjoy live music, and escape from this ‘new reality,’ there are still ways to tune in and support your favorite musicians.

    Check out my personal favorite list of bands to tune into below! Whether you choose to tune in via Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, LiveX and more, nothing quite beats a cool summer evening while jamming out to live tunes:

    Chris Diller Music
    The Pips
    GoGo Gadjet Band
  1. Pop Up Events Supporting the Local Community
    Let’s be real . . . it’s been hard. Not only emotionally, but also finally – for both businesses with storefronts and those without. Because I’ve noticed a number of new folks on here, allow my to introduce myself and my personal situation –

    I’m the wife of a local bar & restaurant owner in the historic Federal Hill section of downtown Baltimore, MD. Every year, we look forward to the days of filling the bar with energetic fans, festive gear, and fun promotions during the NFL season; however, it’s looking unfavorable that we’ll even have that this year.

    But, we also realize we’re not the only ones struggling through these turbulent times – we’re all in this together.
    As a result, meet our #SmallBusinessSunday series!

    Each Sunday, we’ll be partnering with a different, Baltimore-based, small business to host a pop-up event in our location, helping to drive their brand exposure, boost customer engagement and overall promote local, Baltimore partnerships.

    August is already slated to be T-A-S-T-Y !! Check out the awesome upcoming pop-up schedule at Don’t Know Tavern for August below:

    8/9 – Codetta Bake Shop
    8/16 – Bmore Big Softy
    8/22 – Wildberry Farm + Market
    8/29 – The Salad Lady

    9/5 – Lemontopia
    9/27 – Nika’s Cupcake Bar
    10/4 – Freakin Sweet Jars
    10/18 – The Sporty Dog
    10/25 – Blondie’s Doughnuts

    Follow Don’t Know Tavern on Instagram for some EXTRA special things we have in store!
  1. A Local Boutique Favorite
    I’ll be honest – one thing I’ve always wished for is owning my own clothing & accessory boutique. BUT – I’d be amiss if I said I had ANY idea how to run one!

    While there’s a few great shops in my neighborhood, one I never get tired of visiting again and again is Pandora’s Box Boutique. It’s a quaint, female, black-owned Federal Hill boutique on E. Cross St. that ALWAYS has unique finds. Trust me when I say it’s not your typical store that offers the same trinkets and brands as their competitors. Pandora sources their items from all over – – France, Spain, local small business vendors, and more! My favorite purchases range from crop tops fashioned from pure silk sourced in Indonesia, to one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry finds, to hilarious cards for every occasion, to candles made from the Baltimore-famous KSM Candle and Co. in Hampden, MD.

    Click this link to check them out!
  1. Black Business Fridays
    The Downtown Partnership of Baltimore presents Black Business Fridays in Center Plaza right near the Inner Harbor. It’s an awesome celebration of African American culture and enterprise with music, entertainment, and a showcase of black makers, retailers, and restaurants.

    The event is free and open to all, but registration is required to ensure proper social distancing. While you must wear a mask, the first 100 guests get an extra special treat: a FREE cocktail by Cane Collective!

    Check out the FULL list of vendors & entertainment, PLUS secure your ticket here.

Do you have fun Baltimore-based favorite activities you’d like to share? Drop me a comment below –
I’d love to check them out!

Stay tuned,

Talk soon!

Let’s Talk … UNDIES!

Alright, so likely a weird topic to break my blog radio silence recently, haha. But let’s be honest ladies … undies are one item that tend to outwear themselves and aren’t always on my “top of radar” item for prioritizing to replace with cute newbies.

Untillll I found… BootayBag!

Ditch those old panties and set yourself up with a fun, new and sexy styles each month. My subscription is only $15 and I receive (2) handpicked pairs of undies just for me! Is it weird to say I really, truly and actually look forward to getting my new surprises each month?!

BootayBag is a passion project by real women FOR real women. I absolutely love that it was built on the premise of fixing the challenge of affordability and convenience associated with the underwear selection and purchasing process.

Maybe it’s just me … but, I’m not really the first in line to pay $20 per pair of cute undies.

AND – THEY. GIVE. BACK. I love that BootayBag gives back to women in need. Let’s take a pause and make a toast for women supporting women! FUN FACT: Underwear is the most requested and least donated clothing item at women’s shelters. BootayBag holds partnerships with The Undies Project, Period Kits, and other local organizations to donate thousands of pairs to women in need on behalf of all of us.

How it Works:

First, you select which membership you want. You can expect to get one, two, or four pairs of undies based on your subscription.

Second, select your size.

And finally, select your style from your preference of Mix it Up (combination), Never Thong or Always Thong. If you choose to receive all four pairs each month you will get both, the Never Thong and Always Thong bag. If you choose to receive the Matching Set you will get the monthly featured bralette, along with one matching pair of undies. The best part is that you can see previews of the each month’s undies on Instagram, Facebook and their website.

I’ve had my subscription for about six months now and I have yet to be disappointed with anything I’ve received. Everything is great quality, super soft, comfortable fabric and comes in the cutest patterns!

Not to mention, there’s the convenient option to skip, change, and add more to your monthly bag in their customer portal whenever you want.

PLUS – On the search for a cute matching or complimentary bralette?! They have those too! Check out the “Shop the Extras” section where you can purchase items, at a discounted price, that are from current or previous monthly subscriptions.

Want to try it out for a month, or just take a peek? Click here to check it out AND get 20% off your first purchase!

I know you will LOVE it!!

Talk soon!

LIFE HACK: Save Hours With This Amazing Trick For Cleaning Your Shower!

If you’re like me… the biggest thing I hate to do … ever … in the whole wide world … is cleaning the shower!!!

I can’t pinpoint what exactly it is that I can’t stand, but I would say it’s a combination of… the disgusting soap scum, the time, my back hurting from leaning into the awkward angles of the tub, my arms aching from the relentlessly scrubbing, my head throbbing from inhaling bleach fumes from the time it took me to clean the shower … the list goes on!

This obnoxious and annoying chore typically takes me anywhere from 45 minutes, PLUS. How about you?!

Well… if you’re still following and on the same page, I’m here to saveeee. yourrrr. lifeee. with the most incredible life hack that not only eliminates headaches, but also preserves time, effort and allows you to opt for safer and more gentle alternatives that work just as effectively!

What You’ll Need:

  • Dawn Soap
  • Plastic Bucket
  • Broom
  • Hot Water

Visit Your Local Dollar Store. I got all the ingredients I needed for under $5! I visited my local Dollar General and purchased a broom, gallon sized bucket and soap (make sure it’s a degreaser if you don’t actually use Dawn). No need for anything sophisticated or fancy outside of those three items. These items are going to do the work for you!

Run your bath to the hottest water. Fill your gallon sized bucket with hot water from the faucet in prep for step three.

Apply your Dawn to your shower walls and bath tub base. Don’t overload it! A little Dawn goes a long way! I did a few horizontal, parallel lines around the perimeter of the shower..

Dip your broom into the hot water. Then, leverage the wide base of the broom to start scrubbing the walls and base of your tub with the broom bristles. Not only do you cover MUCH more surface area with the broom base, but you avoid back pain and intense scrubbing!

Let sit. It doesn’t take long –  Dawn is a powerful, yet gentle product. I waited about 5 minutes, continuing to gently scrub the surfaces with the broom bristles.

Rinse! Once again, run your shower at the hottest temperature to assist with cleaning and rinsing the walls. This part is the TRUE miracle! Surfaces that used to take me hours to scrub literally melted away in minutes!!!

This whole process took me about 15 minutes to arrive at a fully fresh & clean shower! Literally amazed myself!!!

Give it a try! Let me know how it goes, and if you have other super awesome life hacks similar to this one.

Comment below once you’ve tried it out and let me know what you think!