Welcoming Four New Paws and One Wet Nose to the Fam!

WHEW! We experienced a little radio silence for a while there. That’s because… we grew our little family byyyy… no, not what you’re thinking… not what you’re thinking AT ALL. We grew by four little paws and one wet puppy nose! Welcome Lizzy to the Cheery & Charming blog!


With the wedding and planning over, the New Year coasting along and Samson coming up on 2 ½ years old, we knew we needed to re-introduce a little craziness to our lives. That’s how we function best! Lizzy comes to us from Saving Grace Animal Rescue and we couldn’t be happier with her! She’s a brindle Mountain Cur Lab Mix (that looks dangerously close to Samson!). She’s a quirky, quick, smart learner, and as ornery little brat at times, but it’s all forgiven because shes’s a total lovebug!!!  Coming to us, she barely even knew how to give kisses – and now that’s her favorite thing! Although she does squeeze in an accidental nibble here and there… she’s getting better!

Everyday, she blends in more and more with our family and is gradually learning the do’s and don’ts of city living. The best part? Samson and Lizzy absolutely LOVE each other. It melts my heart how quickly he took to her. They do everything together.


It’s as if she’s been here since the very beginning! Although… we do have a few lessons we need to learn first…


Eeeekkkk!!! Stay tuned for more regular posting and all the things I need to catch up on!! With spring upon us and warm, sunny weather ahead, it’s time to turn on the cute outfits and turn up the shopping!!



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