#TruthTuesday: Stay Close to the People Who Make You Feel Like Sunshine

WEEK 2 of keeping up with my weekly cadence of sharing some sort of truth about myself/my thoughts each week! Hoping some of y’all follow, read or comment along the way ☺️🌸🙏🏼

So, here we go!

This statement couldn’t be truer. There are days when all is right with the world – the sun? Shining bright! The warm breeze? Softly blowing! (Not the kind where your hair is out of control though, the kind when it’s photo shoot worthy) Your skin? Glistening! Your hair? On point! Everything seems to be going exactly your way!

And, then … well, THEN there are the other days. The days you just can’t seem to catch a break. The days when traffic jams last forever, the days when you step head-first into the ONLY rain puddle, the days when you realize the meeting you thought you had time to prepare for tomorrow is actually in 20 minutes, the days when you get a ticket for the yellow/red light you ran, the days when you forgot it’s pajama day at school for your kids and they’re the only ones in normal clothes …

These are the days you need them most – the people that make you feel like sunshine. Too often in my life did I try to keep friendships, relationships, career moves, and the like that, quite frankly, weren’t the best or always the healthiest for me. But, I couldn’t see it. I always wanted to be everything, to everyone, all the time – even those who didn’t encourage or support me to be the greatest version of myself in return.

Whether you think it or not right now, it’s true – everyone needs a littleeeee bit of sunshine. When you surround yourself with those who support you, care about your success and thrive when you thrive, those are the keepers! It’s simple really – a day without sunshine is, you know, night 🤪. Stay close to them. Support them. Love them. Encourage them like they have you. And most importantly, remember to spread the sunshine – it makes the world go round ☀️😎💖💗💕🌎✨💫

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