Let’s Talk … UNDIES!

Alright, so likely a weird topic to break my blog radio silence recently, haha. But let’s be honest ladies … undies are one item that tend to outwear themselves and aren’t always on my “top of radar” item for prioritizing to replace with cute newbies.

Untillll I found… BootayBag!

Ditch those old panties and set yourself up with a fun, new and sexy styles each month. My subscription is only $15 and I receive (2) handpicked pairs of undies just for me! Is it weird to say I really, truly and actually look forward to getting my new surprises each month?!

BootayBag is a passion project by real women FOR real women. I absolutely love that it was built on the premise of fixing the challenge of affordability and convenience associated with the underwear selection and purchasing process.

Maybe it’s just me … but, I’m not really the first in line to pay $20 per pair of cute undies.

AND – THEY. GIVE. BACK. I love that BootayBag gives back to women in need. Let’s take a pause and make a toast for women supporting women! FUN FACT: Underwear is the most requested and least donated clothing item at women’s shelters. BootayBag holds partnerships with The Undies Project, Period Kits, and other local organizations to donate thousands of pairs to women in need on behalf of all of us.

How it Works:

First, you select which membership you want. You can expect to get one, two, or four pairs of undies based on your subscription.

Second, select your size.

And finally, select your style from your preference of Mix it Up (combination), Never Thong or Always Thong. If you choose to receive all four pairs each month you will get both, the Never Thong and Always Thong bag. If you choose to receive the Matching Set you will get the monthly featured bralette, along with one matching pair of undies. The best part is that you can see previews of the each month’s undies on Instagram, Facebook and their website.

I’ve had my subscription for about six months now and I have yet to be disappointed with anything I’ve received. Everything is great quality, super soft, comfortable fabric and comes in the cutest patterns!

Not to mention, there’s the convenient option to skip, change, and add more to your monthly bag in their customer portal whenever you want.

PLUS – On the search for a cute matching or complimentary bralette?! They have those too! Check out the “Shop the Extras” section where you can purchase items, at a discounted price, that are from current or previous monthly subscriptions.

Want to try it out for a month, or just take a peek? Click here to check it out AND get 20% off your first purchase!

I know you will LOVE it!!

Talk soon!

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